What This ‘Papersmith’ Does With Paper And Glue Will Simply Amaze You

Historically, artists become famous either for their unique style or the character they exude to the world of art. Atamjeet Singh Bawa is one of them, best known for creating mean machines. He has created more than 27 highly detailed models which include Space Shuttles, Aircrafts, Copters, Bikes and Ships. Before you assume him to be a scientist, let us tell you that Atamjeet created such models out of – you will never guess – paper! Just … Glue and Paper.

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Born to be a pilot, destined to be a Table Tennis player, happened to be a Textile Chemist, could have been a guitarist, but landed up being a software programmer, calling paper modelling as Atamjeet ‘s hobby would be an understatement.

According to him, being creative means asking the RIGHT questions and to explain anything and everything using layman examples. A person who agrees to “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication” and follows the same is creative. Since, Childhood he used to ask a lot of questions (mostly science related) to himseld and that curiosity and passion to get those answers by doing simple experiments became an important characteristic of me. Singh’s curiosity towards airplanes motivated him to learn more about them and eventually inspired him to create a paper model of an airplane. Similarly, him curiosity towards machines inspired him to create their replicas using paper. him curiosity is his inspiration!

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Atamjeet’s work already featured in ‘Top Gear India’ magazine’s, Your Story and Animation Galaxy. He was also recently interviewed by ‘NDTV Prime’ TV channel. Also, he was the guest speaker at The Rodinhoods community created by Entreprneur Mr. Alok Kejriwal who is also the inspiration for many people. He has also create a paper model of a Rocket Launcher for TVF Qtiyapa for “The Making Of…’A 200 Crore Film’ (Bhai Ho!) “.

Lets Check out Paper Models by Atamjeet Singh Bawa :

What This ‘Papersmith’ Does With Paper And Glue Will Simply Amaze You

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