This Bus Conductor’s Review For ‘KABALI’ Is Precious For Rajinikanth

Right now, Indian people is talking about Rajinikanth’s “KABALI”. we all know that movie is oging to be a super duper hit.Rajinikanth’s fans lined up in a long que outside every cinemahall since midnight to watch the first screening of Kabali. According to them if they missed the first show they have missed the importance thing in their life. Yes.. this is Rajinikant’s popularity not only for his acting but for his personality in real life too.

Though, “kabali’ review is important for Rajinkant as every actor, producer, director wait. But for Rajinikant one person’s review is much important.While everyone has till now said amazing things about ‘Kabali’, a 71 years old bus conductor’s feedback about the movie is what Rajinikanth wants. This person is P Raj Bahadur, who was the driver of the bus on which Rajinikanth was once a bus conductor. While Bahadur took charge of the wheels on the bus route 10A Rajinikanth collected money for tickets for almost three years.

After watching the movie Bahadur, who is still close to Rajinikanth, will call him to give his views. Speaking about this trend which the close friends have developed over the years, Bahadur told a leading daily,

“I have to watch it on the first day though and then make a call to Rajini to give my opinion about the movie.”

He also added that Rajini really waits for his call and hear what he has to say about his work.

Understanding how much importance Bahadur holds in the life of Rajinikanth, cinema hall owners want him to watch the movie in their theatre only.
“The owners tell me if I watch it in their theatre, they get a feel that Rajini is watching it there.”

Talking about this special bond, Bahadur says “Back then, Rajinikanth was not that well-off and I helped him study the two-year course. He was then spotted by K Balachander and was cast in ‘Apoorva Ragangal’. His career took off instantly from there.”

Still a bachelor, Bahadur who lives in Bangalore revealed that Rajinikanth had many times offered him to quit his job as a driver. But, he denied because he felt that it would affect their pure friendship.

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