“Sir Tomorrow Also I Have To Perform My Duty And I Have Only A Pair Of Boots”

“The man in the photo is Rakesh Kumar. He is from Haryana Police and is posted in Sonipat, Haryana. I clicked these pictures on 2nd August around 4:30 PM.

It was raining heavily, and this man was performing his job without wearing his shoes. I asked him why are you not wearing your shoes, the reply which I got changed my perception about Police forever. He replied, “Sir, tomorrow also I have to perform my duty and I have only one pair of shoes.” (सर कल भी ड्यूटी पर आना है, जूते गीले हो गए तो कल क्या पहनूंगा, मेरे पास एक ही बूट है)

Many of us might say that it is his JOB but the dedication shown by Rakesh Kumar is remarkable and commendable. We always say that the Police is corrupt, they don’t do their job properly or they treat people badly. But we never praise Policeman like Rakesh Kumar; those who work in such bad weather, without shoes, without raincoat, even without an umbrella so that we can drive safely. Big Salute to you Mr. Rakesh Kumar!”

rakesh kumar

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Source :  thelogicalindian.com

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