The Reason Why Men Marry More Than 1 Woman In This Village Is Shocking & Painful!

“I did what I did only because of water,” Sakharam Bhagat, who has been married thrice, told CNN.

Denganmal is a typical village in India’s western Maharashtra state. With a population of around 500 people, it’s a tiny place, where everyone knows everyone. No, their first wives do not die or divorce them; they are as much present in the household as the newly wed second and even third wives. These women, who live cordially with each other, are responsible for fetching enough water for the household.

The more the family members, the more vessels brimming with potable water.


Summers in Denganmal are ruthless. The wells dry up and the cattle die, reports CNN. Moreover, the village is isolated from other villages and has no connectivity whatsoever with sources of water. The only wells which would fall in the convenient reach of people dry up during summers, giving them the only option to walk miles before they can lay hands on potable water.

Here’s the ad campaign that brought our attention to this unusual practice:

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Source : Being Indian

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