Interview With GK Makwana Director ” The Colour of Darkness”

Girish Makwana, an Indian-Australian filmmaker, is a script writer, director, filmmaker, composer, and musician, in other words “A Perfect Filmmaker”, is all set to release his film ” The Colour Of Darkness” in India on 25th of May, 2017. “The Colour Of Darkness” a Indo Australian film based on a real life incident.

Here is the exclusive interview with GK Makwana, Director ” The Colour of Darkness”

Is it true your first feature film “The color of Darkness” is based on your own story?
No , It’s  story of my dad’s life.

Why did you give this title?
As India and Australia both the countries are colorful. India have 29 states, 22 languages,  more then 1800 Dialogues. people from different countries lived in Australia. More than 200 languages spoken in Australia by different country people. both the countries are multicultural and facing same problem. For India  a CASTE SYSTEM is bigger issue and Australia have RACIAL problem . that’s why I chose or created this name “THE COLOUR OF DARKNESS”, both countries are colorful with some DARKNESS included.

What made you decide to make the film in English?
Because the Main story based in Melbourne ,Australia. Australia’s main language is English so obviously film should be in English

What motivated you to write this story? Is there any elements of fact in the movie? Or is a fiction?
When I was studying  Film and TV Production in 2009/10 in Melbourne, the student attacks started, and it became big news in the media, notably India and some other parts of the world. I was discussing this matter with my father on the phone, and he told me, “We (Indian people) don’t have a right to blame any country or society by calling them racist because we are the most racist country in the world. If you look around, we have bigger problems, the caste system, ‘Prantwaad’ (different state), different religions, not treating our women properly, etc. How can we blame or call other people racist and discriminative?”

That was it. I got the idea for the film. Before this, my father wanted  me to make a documentary about the Indian caste system, about what had happened to him and our society and how they fought for their rights.  A great story came to my mind and a way to connect the two stories together.

So it’s a totally Facts elements based story but I made a little bit filmy do easy for Audiences and they can digest.

Describe yourself as a director? Also music director of the film, its a unique talent, Do you follow a particular method?
NO, I have a very clear vision. When I was writing the script and I can’t put my self in particular  box. I think, I am dedicated  & discipline director  both Film and Music. Because  I have  studied  both the  field and worked very hard  in both fields. Yes in film direction I always created the Story board and followed that. And Music, its come spontaneous way. 

Could you tell us a little about your choice of actors? How did you confirm them?
I am director with vision , when I meet some one and I like his or her face and my heart will say this is the person for such & such character so I approach them and if they say yes, Ill train them. Also I like method actor because they work very hard and they can follow your vision and  instruction properly . I don’t say non method actor can’t do that but for me this kind of method  actors work very well. Then its easy to confirm them

Tell me about music of the film?
My film music is Unique and the way I wanted to create the music that way I created coz its help in Narration of the story. I can’t say much, you have to watch the film and experience that music part too.

You have worked with Indian actors 1st time, how has the experience been? And how you convinced your Australian producer to make a Indian issue related movie.
All the actors are great , Vidya ,Sahil and  Sanjeet very hard working actors , actually I am very lucky, my entire Cast and crew are very hard working and they stood beside me without watching the clock. They put 110 % or more their hard work and skill.

It’s difficult to make a film in a different country, mainly in the Western world, because the cost is very high. I am a very determined person in my life. When I was in the last semester of my Master’s degree (Film & TV Production), I asked my classmates if they were interested in this project. No one supported me at that time, but as a musician and performer, I earned real respect and made a name for myself in Melbourne. That worked very well in my favor, I had confidence in myself and my skill, so I started shooting mean time I met Lorraine grigg and Frank , Gita Khatri & Dr Sanjay , Dr Rashmi Saluja ,they saw  potential in the project …and rest of the History.

Having seen the film you have very much included the Indian and Australian – culture or a problem related to racism  into your story. What provoked this idea?
As I mention or gave  you the answer  to you in your third question or previous question.

As an Indian living in the Melbourne do you feel you identify with the clash of values and lifestyle between two generations of an Indian family as you have depicted in the film?
Yes indeed, Cinema or film they are reflection of the society , no matter where you come from or live , that’s the truth and I don’t have to say anything, this is the every countries issue I guess.


As a director what are your expectations with Indian audience?
Well, Mostly All film  directors want their film be success and well received and people like but that’s not reality. Our Indian audience are smart enough and I guess any audience (why Indian) , they always love good story. If its tell proper manner.

How was your experience shooting film in India and Australia ?
Both are great and both have their own style. The Bad, The Good and The Ugly,  But that the nature of business. 

Any plans for your next venture?
We are planning to start a new project end of next year.

Who do you have a desire to work with next?
Obviously Great and good dedicated actor and actress . no matter where they come from. That’s my main desire.

Check The Trailer :

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