If You Have This Madhu Shah As A Friend On FB, You Need To Unfriend Her ASAP. Here’s Why

Facebook, one of the strongest social networking site today. Almost everyone used, Facebook is the place where yo can make friends, create business pages to connect with each other. But sometimes we accept those people’s friend request, whom we never met or we do not know anything about him or her.

According to this post by Pawan Manghnani, there is a Facebook account name Madhu Shah, she has been sending friend request to almost everyone on Facebook. Madhu Shah, who does not even exist, has 34 different Facebook accounts with the same name and same profile picture. When you search Madhu Shah on Facebook, it shows that 69, 826 people are talking about her.

WARNING: Do not take these #fake #Fraudulent accounts of #MadhuShahlightly. In this case, Ignorance is not bliss but stupidity!! Someone had to initiate this. Have done a thorough research on this scary issue all week & posting this now for everybody’s benefit.

There are about 34 different fb accounts (on last count) with the same name, same profile pic (attached for ref) but different cities. The worrying thing is, have more than 150 mutual friends with this fake account since about 4 years now but none of the friends I checked with knows her/him. Some even have about 500 mutual friends with zero idea on the true identity.

Upon digging further, found out that from their 34 accounts, They have added a lot of friends (and their friends) from Qatar, UAE, India, Philippines, Indonesia & Thailand (This is just the countries I know about, could be more) Probably, building up a big network from the city mentioned on their respective profile over the past 4 years. Whoever this person/gang is, they are very smart in putting a generic profile picture of an unsuspecting harmless aunt you might have met at a wedding or some social gathering. Especially not bothering to remember where because of the sheer number of mutual friends. Was shocked by some friends still not being worried about this alarming discovery, hence written this detailed post to create an awareness.

Just unfriending them is not enough. Only if a lot of people report it to fb, higher the chances of this gang getting blocked by fb itself. Kindly follow all the steps ASAP as its easy for the stalker to change their name/profile pic & then they will be hidden in your “friend” list forever:

1) SEARCH your fb friend list for Madhu Shah.
2) CHECK your mutual friends & tag them.
3) REPORT the account to fb as fake.
4) BLOCK Madhu Shah’s account(s) immediately.
5) SHARE this post to warn others.

God knows what this impostor has been doing collecting your information all these years. For all you know, it could be a gang of crooks studying your life. Or worst, already using it against you or your family. Be Safe..!

Update: Contacted Facebook’s India office on the morning of 16th May 2016 & they asked me to report the profile. They did not seem very interested to offer a better solution as this type of an issue is quite common, apparently.


Check Screenshots Here :


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Source : www.scoopwhoop.com

Update 2: After this post was shared hundreds of times, first picked up byBuzzFeed India & then covered by India.com, Indiatimes, ScoopWhoop,Dainik Bhaskar (India’s Largest Hindi News Website), Quint Hindi,insysdnet.com, The Independent (Indi100) UK, Daily Mail (mailonline) UK,The Sun UK, and over 40 other blogs & websites. The issue thankfully has been bought to light with tens of thousands concerned people now taking action to safeguard their privacy. Facebook India has confirmed that they are now investigating the issue properly. Have urged the local authorities to take some form of firm action as well.

Beware & Be Aware. Peace of Mind is the Best Accessory!

A drop of ink may make a million think.

Please check in your account, if she is in your friend list and report this to Facebook.

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