20 Funny Answers given by Students in Exams

When a child’s answer to a question on a quiz or test is incorrect but clever, should they get credit for it? Here are 30 clever test answers that will make you wonder what’s better – the correct answer or the clever one.

Naturally, the best-case scenario would be that one’s students would understand all of the material they’re being tested on and answer the questions correctly. But what about the argument that a strict educational environment can stifle creativity and intellectual development? For better or for worse, these test-takers either chose to create a more clever test answer or, when they failed to come up with the right answer, came up with a creative one. Should all kids really be penalized for thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions to problems?

Now don’t get us wrong – not all of these answers raise this noble question. Some are just hilarious fails. Take a look!

h/t: buzzfeed

Let’s take look….

Funny Answers given by Students in Exams

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