15 Indian Actors Who Should Totally Be In WWE

To be stay fit and fine is not an easy task. One have to do lots of exercise with proper diet. You have to spend lots of time in GYM. at least 2 hours a day. Some people started doing gym but after sometimes they left their passion just because of lack of time and dedication. India have lots of celebs who spend their time in GYM to stay fit and healthy.

But What if these celebs will join WWE. Imagine your favorite superstar making his way to the ring, with a tune from his movie playing as his entry music. No charming smiles, no singing and dancing, and no more Mr. Nice Guy – only brooding, chest pumping, muscle flexing, mean machines. How cool would that be? 

There are many actors who have good body and stamina. Even they can join WWE just like Khali from India had make India proud worldwide. Wrestling is also one of the biggest challenge for these celebs. So, let’s check 15 Indian Actors Who Should Totally Be In WWE :

Aamir Khan

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