10 Unseen Pics Of Star Kids Of Popular Villains Of Bollywood

Bollywood is the only industry we loved a lot. There are many popular kids of Bollywood villains who are active in Bollywood industry but some of them are not interested. They are far away from the limelight of Bollywood.  Shakti Kapoor’s daughter Shradhaa is one of the popular and successful actress in Bollywood while his son Sidhant is not so popular. “Mogambo Khush Hua” one of the favourite and popular dialogue in Bollywood by Amrish Puri. His son Rajiv Puri is a marine navigator. While Amrish Puri has done so many films.

Ali Muraad – Raza Murad

Ali Muraad - Raza Murad

Danny Dangogapa’s son is ready to enter in Bollywood. His son Rinzing is a good friend of Tiger Shroff.  Gulshan Grover’s son Sanjay is much active in Entertainment industry buysiness. He has done graduation in Business of Entertianment. Raza Muraad has performed so many negative roles in Bollywood.

Chiranjeev – Ranjeet

Chiranjeev - Ranjeet

His son is interested to enter in Bollywood but he is not getting any chance. Ranjeet’s son is also intrested ot enter in Bollywood but no offer. Amzad Khan’s son Shadaab Khan has also tried his luck in Bollywood but failed right now he is a author. Anupam Kher’s son Sikander Kher is also not so much popular in Bollywood.

Rajiv Puri – Amrish Puri

Rajiv Puri - Amrish Puri

So Bollywood is the industry which can not everybody. One have to good luck,acting and offer to enter and have to perform well in each and every part of movie. Hope you like this article.

Rinzing Denzopa – Danny Denzopa

Rinzing Denzopa - Danny Denzopa

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Sanjay Grover – Gulshan Grover

Sanjay Grover - Gulshan Grover

Shadaab Khan – Amzad Khan

Shadaab Khan - Amzad Khan

Shakti Kapoor – Shradha – Sidhant

Shakti Kapoor - Shradha - Sidhant

Sikander Kher – Anupam Kher

Sikander Kher - Anupam Kher

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