Top 10 Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Went For Live-in Relationships

Love is pure. Love is divine. One you fall in love with someone, that person become your life. You can not live without each other. No matter the whole world is against it. You never think for a second. There is also many couple who lived their life like a married couple but in reality they are not married. But they share everything with each other. This is called Live-In.

The Live-in culture is growing rapidly in India, specially in Bollywood Industry. Doing work together in a movie these Bollywood celebs started liking and loving each other. Results in Live-in. Popular actors like Aaamir Khan, Abhay Deol, Anushka Sharma, Konkana Sen Sharma are the live example of this culture. Some of them have finally married and settled in their life like married couple do.

Here is a look at some of our desi celebrity couples, who are still the best of roomies, and also a few who propagated live-in relationships before tying the knot.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao : Kiran Rao once said that she was not sure about marrying Aamir, until she moved in with him. That was when she realised that they had so much in common despite having their own ideologies. This couple connected on a more intrinsic level.

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Apart from the above list, there are many other celebs also who advocated this formula. Not just B-town, even TV stars like Kashmira Shah and Krishna Abhishek, Sanjeeda and Aamir Ali, all have tasted the live-in fruit.

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