Today In WTF: This Man Drive His Toyoto On Andheri Railway Platform, Because He Was ‘Confused’

This is crazy world and anything can happen in your life. Similar incident happened with Mumbai base driver Rajesh yadav (36) who drove his car onto platform 6 at Andheri station, thinking it was an actual road.

He was returning after dropping someone to the airport.

A medical examination was conducted at Cooper Hospital to ascertain if he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Yadav is a resident of Guzdar Bund in Santacruz and employed as a driver with a construction company, Gammon India.


Meanwhile an official from the Andheri RPF confirmed that a particular section was not barricaded due to the ongoing track extension. The opening will be sealed as soon as the construction is over. A temporary arrangement has been made in the interim.
The car has been confiscated and Yadav has been booked under sections 154 (endangering safety of persons travelling by railway), 145 (nuisance) and 147 (trespassing into railway territory) of the Railway Act, 1989.

Source : Local Press

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