This Spoof of FAN Trailer Is Hilarious

Shahrukh Khan, this name is enough for his fans to bring in cinema hall. Whatever he is today… Just because of his handwork, patience, struggle and his believe in his fans. yes Fan movie is all about the connection between Star and his fans.

FAN movie already relased on 15th April and we all loved this Shahrukh Khan stsarer film. But creative babey has made something funny on ‘FAN”, no we are not talking about FAN movie, we are talking about real fan 😛

Watch the funny spoof of Fan Trailer. Summers are approaching. Be prepared for power cuts. Fan spoof is a story of a boy who want to turn on his fan this summer but due to regular power cuts, he is forced for electricity theft. Share and like the video and subscribe our channel for more awesome stuff. SRK fans.


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Video Source : creative babey

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