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This Single Word Proved The Foolishness & Illiteracy of Pakistan Again

We all know that Pakistan is a terrorist country, If we leave Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam and few artist, Pakistan don’t have much things that make them proud. But the fact is that they will ignore all the things and meanwhile they are happy for some particular word. And all we know that they are trolling India for this particular word in Google search called “NAMAK HARRAM”.

Simple we can check Pakistan and foolish Pakistani media who is trying to troll India. Let them happy.. poor people. If you’re willing to spend a minute of your precious time and give in to the latest Twitter trend, Google ‘namak haraam country’ and you’ll find India pop-up as the suggested search result. The reason why India pops-up is pretty straightforward. ‘Namak Haraam’ is a popular 1973 Hindi film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna and Rekha. In fact, when you type ‘Namak Halal‘ in the Google search, again the Indian flag shows up  because that’s a Bollywood movie too.



Also if you can search “khuda Ke Liye” you will see Pakistani flag and “khuda Ke Liye” is one of the pakistani movie. And big thing is that this movie shows the reality of Pakistan where terrorist group brainwash the mind of common people to become a terrorist and get them ready for “Zihaad”.
So, right now Pakistani People and their media is happy trolling India on this particular word “Namak Haram”. Also Pakistani media has lack of common sense and they made this prime time news on their TV shows. We suggest you watch the video because it is an excellent coverage of what makes important international news in that country.


The news anchor, with utmost seriousness, looks into the camera and divulges the ‘truth’ of India, followed quickly by shots of what seems like India and glaring shots of the now viral Google search. We understand the eagerness to report something so serious, but seriously, CHILL GUYS! Poor Google did not mean that India is a ‘traitor country’.

To back our earlier argument, type in ‘Mughal-E-Azam country’ and you will have Google showing you the Indian flag then too! So you can also know the illiteracy in Pakistan also.

Dear Pakistan, if you want to know what actual Pakistan is, then do watch this video shared by your own man Salman Ahmad!

Anyway, now when the truth is out, we all know who the joke is on!

With Inputs From Indian Express

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