Shahrukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Became Sensation Overnight. Check In These Pics

Do you know Shahrukh Khan? Even small kids know him. The man who became a King of Bollywood, now completed a 25 years in Indian Cinema. SRK not only successful in Bollywood but also in Business. His fan following around the world incredible. Now this is the time for his kids. We are talking about her daughter Suahana Khan. Who became a sensation overnight on Social media.

Recently, Shahrukh and Suhana was seen in a inauguration of Restaurant in Mumbai. Where Suhana was found in a one piece and high heels. And this stunning avtaar of Suhaana makes her sensation on social media.

If you check the old pics of Suhana! She looks like a kid. Now her pics are going viral on Social media. 17 years old Suhana looks little darky in her old photographs but recent makeover changed her completely. According to some media sources Shahrukh is planning to launch her in Bollywood soon.

The dress Suhana wears is nearly Rs. 60,000/- . Hope she will be a star like her father. So, let’s check her pics :

Shahrukh Khan's Daughter Suhana Became Sensation Overnight

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Image Source : Jagran

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