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Salman Khan arrested for possessing black money?

This news has filtered in our bay to shock us. Mumbai Police have confiscated a total sum of Rs 1 crore 40 lakh from a car. This incident happened at Mumbai Juhu -dhara complex in Andheri. When a Toyota car was stopped for checking at the aforementioned location (Car Number MH 48 AC 5152), police were shocked to find the disproportionate amount of money in the vehicle. The white car was being driven by a certain Salman Khan with four more people. Even after probing further into the case the said individuals could not answer any question.


Ever since the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes have been banned, there has mixed views on Demonetization policy.  New website ( reports that the Salman was caught with an individual named Asif with a father and son duo. The car has been confiscated with the money. In their defence the arrested personels claim that they were carrying this money to buy gold for a certain event or transaction. But how Rs 1 Crore 4o lakh were withdrawn is the question that looms large and has left the police baffled.

Reports further claim that the Income Tax department as well as RBI have been alerted about the same and the police is looking further into the matter. It is not clear as yet if this case has anything to do with Salman Khan the actor for Salman was spotted hosting the popular reality show Bigg Boss quite merrily on Saturday.

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