This Is How People Reacted When NATIONAL ANTHEM Is Played Twice In Dangal Movie

Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” is not an ordinary movie, this movie is full of emotions, inspiration, struggle and handwork. From a father’s struggle to make his kids stand independently in their life to showing the kind of love that we all should have for our country India, it covered all aspect.

Talking about the movie, there were plenty of emotional scenes in the 2-hour-long movie. When national anthem was played amidst the film, everybody was left in a fix as to stand up or not. They were looking at each other, totally confused.

Some stood up for fear of disobeying the rules, some out of respect for our national anthem, and others because they were touched by the movie-it made a great impact on them.

Here are some Twitter reactions which sparked a debate on the topic once again.

Source : RVCJ, UltimateIndian

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