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OMG P0rnhub Hacked! Users Data And Viewing Habit At Risk

Nightmare of every P*rn user came true. Adults sites are always a most loevable things for every internet users around the world. One of the popular adult site P*RNHUB hacked by hackers and database is hacked revealing all the information of users to hackers including their personal preference and taste about p*rn.

In the wrong hands, that information could prove a huge problem. Previous leaks of sensitive websites like Ashley Madison have had disastrous effects, spilling the secrets of users. According to Evonide, P*rnhub awarded the security researchers a $20,000 bounty and the grouped received another $2,000 prize from the Internet Bug Bounty Committee. They received the awards through HackerOne bug bounty program. The researcher reported the bug on May 30, a few weeks after P*rnhub launched the bug competition.

These hackers have found their way to all the sensitive information about thousands of users. You can imagine, if if hackers dump the whole information on the internet? This could be another nightmare if they reveal the information. But good part is that tha hakcers are good boys and they will not reveal the information. Instead, they told this to P*rnhub and won £20,000 reward in exchange.

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