MS Dhoni’s Magic With The Gloves Continues Brilliant Run Out Ever

MS Dhoni is not only a cricketer but he is a magician too.After a good know in last match, he proved that he has enough cricekt left in his career. In today’s match he ran out Ross Taylor during India’s fourth ODI against New Zealand at Ranchi on Wednesday. Collecting the ball from Dhawal Kulkarni, India’s ODI skipper pulled off a blinder when he received the ball and threw it at the stumps in one swift action. All this happened with Dhoni’s back to the woodwork.

This is not the first time that Dhoni has done this. Since becoming the captain of the team, Dhoni has been lauded for his agility behind the wickets. Taylor had a smile on his face as he walked back to the dressing room. While an image of him gawking at Dhoni’s Hummer went viral earlier, this time, Ross Taylor was left befuddled once again.

Watch the incredible run out:

with inputs from Indian Express

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