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Monkey Allegedly Tortured To Death By Four Medical Students

Source : The Logical Indian

Most of the people nowadays have no idea in which direction they are heading. We have grown so much apathetic that it doesn’t create any difference to us even if we hurt somebody, be it a person or an animal. A shocking incident has come to light from Vellore where few student allegedly caught a female monkey and tortured her and then killed her. The complete episode of a barbaric act was posted on social media by Shravan Krishnan.

“One of the most shocking and heart-wrenching cases I have ever done. Four medical students from Christian Medical College, Vellore had a caught a female monkey which entered their rooms.

They tied her hands and started abusing and torturing her by beating her with sticks and belts, broke her legs, jaws and finally put a rod up her anus and killed her. The monkey was buried behind the hostel mess by the college sweepers. The incident happened on the 19th of Nov Saturday 12 30 PM. The students inside the colleges informed Meet Ashar from Bombay, and he informed our team. Dinesh Baba Nishanth Nichu Antony Rubin and we left from Chennai and reached Vellore. We have filed a FIR against these students and cases were booked under IPC 429 and Wildlife protection act of 1972. The monkey’s body was excavated in front and sent for postmortem.

The entire college is in a state of shock and the management promised to take severe action against the students.

The degree of cruelty and pain the monkey has gone through is beyond words. We have all been having sleepy nights after we saw the body of the monkey. Extremely distributed.

What’s happening to medical students these days?

Critically Endangered’’

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