This Menstrual Hygiene Day Video Has Gone Viral On Social Media

Living in a so-called modern era, we Indians are still uncomfortable to talk about periods. In fact, many of us even try to change the topic when someone says ‘periods’. The menstruation taboos still exist in our country to a greater extent. The government is ready to make Bindis, Sindoor, and Bangles tax-free, but not sanitary napkins, knowing the fact that 88% of Indian women still don’t use sanitary pads during their periods. There are NGOs and celebrities fighting to make sanitary pads tax-free.

And in this hurly-burly, comes a film which we exactly needed. ‘Phullu’ is the film we talking about, the trailer of the movie was been released this week and it received applause for its hard-hitting concept. The movie depicts the life of women living in rural areas, where they have hardly heard of the term ‘Pads’. The story of the film revolves around the life of Phullu and his wife (Jyotii Sethi), who are happily married and living in a village which is submerged with all related taboos, and nobody is taking an effort to break all these stereotypes. Forget menstruation hygiene, people in the village are not even ready to discuss anything related to periods.  

Now Check this video by Filmygyan on Menstrual Hygiene Day which has gone viral on social media :

Source : Filmygyan

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