Meet The Beautiful Wives Of Popular Stand-Up Comedians of Television!

Comedy belongs to that part of our life where we do not wants to ignore. In today busy & stressful life everyone want some fun when they comes to home. There are many comedians on Indian Television who knows for better comic timing and stage performance. Comedians like Raju Shrivastav, Ehsaan Quereshi are the gem for India. They can make any joke, anytime on anyone whether its man, women, animal or lights.

We all have our favorite comedians but we know little about their family background. We loved watching the performance of our favorite comedians but we hardly know the family members of this comedians.   In this article you are going to check the beautiful wives of your favorite comedian.

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Popular stand-up comedian Ahsaan Qureshi, has been a stage performer for the last 20 years. Most of his jokes focus on political satire and social issues. Ehsaan Qureshi with his wife Jeenat during special screening of film ‘Aarakshan‘ at cinemax, Andheri in Mumbai.

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Comedy is an art which is god gifted and sometimes if you practice and if you have creativity then you will surely rock everyone’s life in a hilarious way. Comedians always gets lots of blessings from their fans. because this is the only things which make them happy and healthy in all way. Its tough job.

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