This Man Tried To Teste A 2000 Rupee Note With Coke, Iron & Boiling Water. The Results Were Shocking!

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Ever since PM Modi declared the demonetization of 500 and 1000 currency notes, people are in a state of panic and shock. Amidst the chaos of currency ban the 2000 rupees note is taking India by storm. Rich or poor almost every person is going through difficulties, though these problems won’t last for long at least for those who are clean.

The 2000 rupees note has already made its place in controversies. There are reports of fake 2000 rupees notes already making rounds. Nonetheless, people are still excited to see the 2000 rupees note, and on the other hand is this man who is washing the 2000 rupees note. The result which he gets after washing the note is shocking, Here is the video for you.

So many videos are still going viral on you tube to check the reality of 2000 rupee note. Though its also illegal to manipulate the note but finally this note is awesome.

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