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This Kolkata Woman Was Asked To Leave A Restaurant For A Horrible Reason

kolkataFew hours ago I was all happy and joyous on Christmas. Now festival has showed it’s dark side to me. THANK YOU FOR THAT SHER-E-PUNJAB, Sukanta Nagar.

Me, mom, dad and my cousin arrived at much rated dhaba SHER-E-PUNJAB to indulge into some delicacy. We just order our food and I suddenly saw a shady man was looking at me with the most dirty look one can give. He was drinking heavily. I ignored at first as society teaches us to do in this situation. I even told my dad to come and sit just in front of me so that I can save myself from his filthy eyes and expressions.
He then glides to the next seat to watch me again. He was even looking at every women’s/girl’s bodies whoever was passing by.

It was getting on my nerves so finally I shouted at him. He suddenly started to pretend that he is not looking and doesn’t even know who I am shouting at. He even kept smiling in between. Later my dad joined me and he kept doing all the bullshits he could. He even said, “Management k bolun, managment k (complain to the managment not me)”

I even called the lady police troupe outside. They all looked uncomfortable when I asked for help. They were enjoying their Christmas chat on the front yard. They didn’t expect a girl to get molested at this very hour. May be there should have been a perfect timing for that so that they could have got ready.

I could have ignored all and ate our food quietly but suddenly the Manger of the SHER-E-PUNJAB came and told us to leave at once.
I said, “he did wrong why you are throwing us out? … he said “main unko kaise bolu abhi jane k liye, aap log jaiye yahaan se”…

Only if the manager would have said us to have a seat somewhere else I wouldn’t have been this furious at our society where there are oodles of rape and molestation grasping us every day and we all kind of passively supporting it. This incident won’t hurt your business I guess I am sorry Sher-e-punjab you used to be my favorite restaurant and now I am afraid to even go there.

My dad is rebuking me, telling me not to post this incident online. I protested on spot and that should be the end of it. Please tell me am I doing wrong??

I wish everyone’s safety this festive season..
Stay safe

Source : Being Indian

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