India beat Iran 38-29 to win 2016 Kabaddi World Cup

A stellar come-from-behind win for India as they trounced Iran for the third successive time in a Kabaddi World Cup final. Ajay Thakur was the star performer claiming 12 points in the final. Iran fought valiantly and surprised everybody taking the lead going in to first half break at 18-13, but Thakur changed the momentum in the second half. Nitin Tomar put in a memorable performance and India’s fantastic defence ensured an Indian win.

Iran travelled all the way to India in pursuit of excellence and a title that has been eluding them for more than a decade. The final of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup produced a monumental match between two old rivals of the game.

Captain Anup Kumar began proceedings for India but went back to his half with an empty raid. He had Fazel Atrachali eyeing him like a hawk. Sandeep Narwal eventually opened the scoring with a swift hand touch on Abolfazl.

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