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This Girl Was S*xually Harassed In A Bus. The Man Was Presumed Innocent Just Coz He Was A Father Of 2!

There was lots of discussion already done on the matters of Women Rights/ Liberation/Equality and Safety too. But the condition of Womens in India is still the same. Its not happened in cities but in villages also. S*xual harassment is a serious offence. Samya Gupta, in a Facebook post, talked about an incident in which she was s*xually harassed by a father of two, on a bus that she was travelling on.


Here is the complete post:

“I was s*xually harassed today. Yes, harassed by man around 40 years old, while I was travelling back home in a Bus, filled with 30-35 people. While I was taking naps sitting on the second last seat of the bus, the man made inappropriate moves towards me from the seat behind me.

The moment I realized, I stood up from my seat, yelled and asked for his ID Proof, to which he obviously refused. I secured support from my co-passengers. He apologized. My co-passengers asked me to accept it, and let it go.

But I decided otherwise. I decided to not let it go. I decided to not let an audacious eve-teaser to go free merely by apologizing. And why to let it go? To allow him to make ‘apology’, a weapon, to get away? Because Eve-teasing is not that big an offence? To wait for him to convert into a rapist? Like really? EVEN A MINOR INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT TOWARDS A WOMAN WITHOUT HER CONSENT, IS ACTIONABLE.

I asked the bus driver to stop the bus on the next closest Police Station. I gained support of a couple of my Co-passengers, and I am really grateful to them.


I went to the Police Station. I gave a written complaint. The procedures I was made to abide by in the Police Station, were too not co-operative. Also, being a law student, I realized everything written in the Criminal Procedure Code is purely fictional. The accused was handed over to the Police. The FIR was lodged.

BUT. But the happenings did not really come to end. After a few distances were covered by the bus, the bus was occluded by some of accused’s acquaintances. They tried intimidating me, threatening me. Pointing on my character, they even professed that the accused is a father of two children and is therefore innocent. And even went on alleging I must be goofing around with various guys every now and then, therefore my allegations have no sense of veracity. And only because he happens to be a father of two children he shall be presumed innocent. APPLAUSE!

But, no matter what, I am and I always will be glad that I did not let it go. And every time anything of such sort happens, I will ALWAYS fight for it. Because eve-teasing is not a small offence.


#TakeActionAgainstEveTeasing #NoOffenceAgainstAWomanisSmall #tohorrifiedtoletitgo”

Here is the original post :

This girl Samya Gupta deserves our appreciation but a big step is needed to change the mindset of people.

Image Source : Samya Gupta

Source : Storypick

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