Cricketers Who Married People From Different Religion

It’s is said that, Love is Blind. Love is pure and divine. Love needs no barriers and boundaries. Whether its Money, Fame or anything, if you love somebody from bottom of your hearts. You Will do everything for her. And its possible only in love marriages, there is a little chance in a arrange marriages too.

Like a normal people. Cricketers are also a common person. They also love and get married to their partner. One of the most popular and former pace bowler of India Zaheer Khan got engaged with Bollywood actress Sagarika Ghatage. They have decided to marry each other after the IPL. While Zaheer Khan is a Muslim guy and Sagarika is from Marathi community.

There are many Cricketers who already married to girls from other religion. Actually, religion is just a little barrier for true lovers. Only celebrity can marry to girls or boys in other religion, if you are common man then it’s a big problem. Check Here :

Ajit Agarkar & Fatima : Ajit Agarkar is a Marathi Pandit and his wife Fatima is from Muslim community. She is the sister of Mazhar, who is also the close friend of Ajit. They have started dating during 1999. They got married during 2002 and they have a son, his name is Raj.

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