Couple Wanted To Make Their Marriage Life happier. But You Can’t Guess The Ending!

When two people meet to make their life happy, they get married. Marriage is Bliss. But not for everybody. Now a days couples are struggling to get their marriage life on track but for some reason they failed to achieve this goal which results in something unexpected.

Love making things are not good between every couple and ruin the marriages. To get ultimate solution in such cases this short film is a must watch movie. Faced with difficult choices, people sometimes act in a bizarre way to find the right solution. This short story is about a married couple that is in a spot. What happens to them is nerve wrecking and should be watched. Strictly do not miss the END..!!

Chumbak , which was screened at Cannes festival, is an eye-opener. This film is directed by Prabhakar Pant, who has given us 2 wonderful short films, “That Sunday” and “Lunch With My Friend’s Wife”.

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