You Can Ignore KRK But Not His ‘Jannat’

KRK… Naam To Suna Hi Hoga! This name is enough for Indians. One of the most acclaimed ( Self proclaimed ) critics of Bollywood and also famous for insulting celebrities on social media through his Tweets. Though he has millions of followers which one can not deny. He is one of the most entertaining personality of India.

KRK has lots of money and during BIGG BOSS ha shared that his daily things of use came from foreign countries. Recently has shared a photos of his house “JANNAT” on Facebook page. Whatever you call him, insult him, abuse him but fact is that you can not ignore him and his money and also his house “JANNAT”.

His house name “JANNAT” is inspired by Shahrukh Khan’s “MANNAT”. KRK lives a good standard of living which many of us can’t. You love him or hate him but you can not change the reality.

Still, If you are not believing Check the photos here :

You Can Ignore KRK But Not His 'Jannat'c

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Image Source : KRK

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