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‘Baba Ramdev got Heart Attack’ In Bank ATM Queue, Died. To Know The Real Truth Click Here

Social media is good for promotion and making friends and interaction with each other. But nowadays, this important stream became a tool for some people to promote fake news. It’s time to make some strict law for these kind of people. Who promote fake news. In a similar incident, Yog Guru Baba Ramdev became a victim of social media. Yoga guru Ramdev on Friday rubbished rumors on social media that he had suffered a heart attack. Taking to Twitter, Ramdev said that ‘irresponsible’ statements on his health were wrong and he will live long by ‘virtue of yoga.’


He wrote, “Saw irresponsible statements on social media that I suffered heart attack.I never even had fever in decades.I ‘ll live long by virtue of Yog”

There were no such ‘statements’ on Twitter. But on Facebook though, some users had posted photos of Ramdev lying on a stretcher and adding that the Patanjali founder had suffered a heart attack.

One user had even declared him dead on Facebook.

Note : Dear Irresponsible Social Media User, Please Use Social Media For Some Good Work, Not For Rumors. 

Source : Janta Ka Reporter

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