This Autowala Is Transferring Everyone To A Different World By His Flute Music

Sitaram Singh, An autowala from Vasai, Maharashtra. India is self learned flute player. He is just high school passed from his village. Inspired from music class sessions held in his School days. He bought his first flute in his village fair for Rs.5. He was inspired by the flute seller, who was playing a song from Bollywood movie “Dharam-Kaanta”. He plays flute in small Orchestras & Bhajans in local areas and earn few money.

His fellow Rickshawala’s supports him and appreciate his talent. And they love to listen his flute when they are feeling low. And all people around him gather to listen his flute and appreciate him. if you go a chance to meet this awesome Rickshaw wala in Vasai, you will know his talent and ability to perform anywhere anytime. Its just the matter of luck but its is truth he will definitely get a chance in a near future to perform on bigger level. 

Lets take a moment to appreciate his talent and make him famous by sharing this video.

We hope you enjoyed watching this interview and awesome story of this man. Who has a god gifted talent. And best things is that he is enjoying playing flute at the same time is earning a bread and butter for his family too. 

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