Age Difference Between Bollywood Step Mother And Their Step Child

Marriages & Divorces are very common thing in Bollywood. Relationship is just a playing thing for these celebs. Most of the Bollywood celebs has done marriages more than 2 times. They have children from different wives. Saif Ali Khan has married with Amrita Singh and they have 2 kids. Now Saif married again with Kareena Kapoor & they have son Taimur Ali Khan.

Not only Saf Ali Khan, there are many popular Bollywood celeb who has done marraige 2 times or more. Kabir Bedi is much poular name in Bollywood. At the age of 70 he got married 4th time with 42 years old Parveen Dussanz. And his daughter Pooja Bedi is already 47 years old. Hema Malini is 9 yeras younger than Sunny Deol. Sanjay Dutt got married with Manyata Dutt during 2008, which is his second marraige. His first wife was Richa Sharma. His daughter is now 18, Trishal Dutt.

Kishore Kumar has done 4 marraiges. Leena Chandavarkar was his 4th wife. There are many names, lets check all. Age Difference Between Bollywood Step Mother And Their Step Child.

Parveen Dussanz & Pooja Bedi

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