9 Famous Indian Celebrities Who Died in 2017

Death is Unpredictable. Whether you are rich or poor or middle class. If you born, you will die.  People do lots of hard work in their life to become a successful person. Maintain relationship with new one. Travel around the world. But bitter truth is that one have to die someday, may be today, tomorrow or after 50 years. Why we are talking about death in this particular article. Yes we are discussing here because we have lost so many celebs this year in 2017.

From Bollywood to tolly wood. legendary actors like Ompuri, Vinod Khanna have died due to heart attack and cancer. While some celebs died in a car accident. Sonika Chauhan, Pro kabaddi anchor died in a tragic car accident. 

Recently, we lost Reema Lagu. She died in heart attack. Her sudden death made many people so sad who are her near and dear ones. Salman Khan has done her son role in many movies. Abis Rizvi who died in a terrorist attack in Istanbul this year. That’s why we already shared whether your are rich or poor, you will die someday.

Lets Check Famous Indian Celebrities Who Died in 2017 :

Vinod Khanna : He died due to cancer at the age of 70.

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