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20 Bollywood Movies That Pakistan Has Banned

Filmmakers make movie for entertainment and for knowledge purpose. When movie become hit whole unit get lots of benefit from that movie also it project and clear the future of actors too. But for some reason sometimes films get banned which also makes huge loss for filmmakers.

In India there is list of many movies which got banned by Indian Censor Board. But for some movie for some political and religion purpose Pakistan also banned many Indian movies.Recently John Abrahma & Varun Dhawan starrer movie Dishoom which got good response in India but banned in Pakistan. After that Varun Dhawan is really upset with this news. The actor took to Twitter to express the same saying: “Really upset that #Dishoom is banned in Pakistan. I don’t think the film eventually shows any country in a bad light. It’s a wrong decision.

The latest news is related with M S Dhoni, no its not related with Cricket match between India & Pakistan but its related with Sushant Singh Rajput starrer biopic movie M.S. Dhoni : The Untold Story which is also banned in Pakistan.

So, Lets Check These 20 Bollywood Movies That Pakistan Has Banned :

Agent Vinod : Saif Ali Khan played an Indian intelligence operative who takes on Pakistan’s ISI. The major issue with the Censor Board was that it showed senior Pakistani officials supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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