18 Celebrities Who Got A Lip Surgery In Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities always do something different for their looks and appearance. Because they have to be look good in front of their fans who always admire their beauty.  Hence, celebrities have been seeking solace in cosmetics to resolve their aging woes. ‘Plastic surgery’ or ‘Botox’ would be the precise words to describe these beauty enhancing solutions.

In terms of lip surgery, specially actress are so much interested to do these things. Celebrities like Kangana,  Rakhi, Mouni Roy, Shilpa Shetty etc are part of this surgery things. The surgery cost is too much high thats why only rich people can do this things. This could be a costly one for a common people, if they are intrested to do Lip Surgery.

Here are 18 celebrities from the world of Bollywood, who tried enhancing their beauty through plastic surgery, but it just didn’t seem to work.

Anushka Sharma

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However some celebrities lip surgery failed and now they look completely different. They lost their good looks and beauty for which their fans like and appreciate them. So Lip surgery is good but at the same its dangerous too. So Actresses should be careful before they took these kinds of decision in their life. 

Image Source :Filmy Mantra

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