12 Bollywood Beauties Still Rocking With Gorgeous Looks In Their Early 40s

One you crossed 30, you have to maintain lots of things for your body to look young and healthy. Foe some people age is a bigger difference and it matters a lot. But when it comes to Bollywood celebrities… Age is just a number game. Actress like Kajol, Tabu, Madhuri Dixit who looks so gorgeous in their early age and became a dream girl for every Indian.

Now after they have crossed 40’s but what is the beauty formula they use to maintain their beauty and charm is really outstanding. You can check a common man from same age group they will look completely different or more age than these actresses.


Here we have collected 12 Bollywood actress who crossed the age of 40 but still they look so gorgeous. From Tabu to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, these Bollywood beauties have managed their growing age well and look far better and fabulous than what they looked when they were younger. One can say they are an inspiration for all those women who lose hope after crossing 30.

These actresses have beaten their age and its just a number from them. Hope they will maintain their beauty after 50s and 60s. Because this is the only thing for which a common always love and follow.

Check out this Bollywood actress Bollywood Divas Still Rocking With Gorgeous Looks In Their Early 40s

Aishwary Rai Bachchan : With her role in the movie 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil', Aishwarya proved that age is only a number as she still looks fabulous

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