10 Bollywood Heroines/Actresses Who Smoke And Drink In Real Life

Do you follow or like Bollywood actresses? Or Love in a beauty of these celebs? We all love and follow! But here is something which is shocking? In fact we can not say it’s shocking! This is a trend in today’s entertainment world specially in Bollywood. We are talking about Smoking ! Do you know how many actresses smoke in real life? There are many Bollywood actresses who smoke in  her real life…….

Smoking is injurious to health. Government has already taken so many steps to prevent this but nobody follow this until they faced some serious issues. We follow these Bollywood celebs. Some of them follow more than their family! And this result we follow their habits and styles whether they are good or bad.

So, finally the solution is simple. Whether you follow these Bollywood celebs or not ! Love your life, never follow their bad habits because your family first. 

Let’s check some of the actresses who smoke in real life also :

Karisham Tanna : She is a chain smoker.

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Source : Quora

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